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Cuttle Bone Shop

1.Avico Specialty Diets

Avico Specialty Diets



3.Lory Life Nectar

Lory Life Nectar

4.Lory Life Powder

Lory Life Powder

5.Nutri Fruit Gel

Nutri Fruit Gel






Lory Life Nectar Diet

Avico Lory Life Nectar is a highly concentrated nectar product, which dissolves instantly in water (1 part concentrate to 5 parts water). Made from natural ingredients, this nectar is easily assimilated by these birds. Certain small species, which require a higher carbohydrate diet, thrive on this nectar and fresh fruit. Natural color pigments are included to enhance color intensity. For hand feeding purposes use either product mixed 50/50 with any commercial hand feeding product. Lory Life Powder and Lory Life Nectar have been formulated to be as low in iron as possible and as low in Vitamin A as is practical to minimize the occurrence of hemochromatosis (iron storage disease)

Avico Nutri-fruit Gel Diet

Formulated for any fruit eating birds. Eliminates the need to mix

pellets into the fruit diet. Contains less than 80 ppm iron. Mix with

equal parts by volume of water, pour into shallow container (pie

tin), refrigerate until firm then break or slice into feeding size


Avico Sunbird Nectar Diet

Developed for the maintenance of a wide variety of nectivorous

softbills, including, but not limited to. Tanagers, Honeycreepers,

Sunbirds, Leafbirds, White-eyes, and Flower-peckers. Contains

less than 40 ppm iron.


A vitamin enriched nectar supplement for sugar gliders. In nature

these insectivorous mammals consume large quantities of

nectar and pollen. They have a great need for carbohydrates

because of their high metabolism. Gliderade provides this

important nutritional element.


A universal insectivore diet which is meant for both birds and

insectivorous mammals such as sugar gliders. It can be fed

alone or mixed with fresh fruit. Formulated to be low in iron, it

contains, among other ingredients, ants and ant eggs, insect

larvae that are gut loaded with spirulina and canthaxantin.

Avico VitaLife

Vitamins for the life of your bird. Intended as a vitamin/mineral

supplement for cage and aviary birds. A very fine powder that

readily adheres to live food, greatly enhancing their food value,

or fruits and vegetables.

Avico Gecko Gourmet

A dry diet for all fruit eating geckos, especially Phelsumas. It is

meant to be fed dry in conjunction with live crickets. Can be

mixed with baby food fruit as well.

Avico Glider Dry Supplement

A vitamin enriched dry powdered dry diet for sugar gliders. Most

preferred when sprinkled on fresh fruit or other moist diets. Great

for dusting crickets and mealworms prior to feeding.